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Örebro, Sweden

Local Manager:
Petter Koubek

Petter Koubek is a photographer, entrepreneur and investor. His passion is visual communication, photography and film and he runs his own photography business since 1999 where he also offers consulting and education.

 He is currently involved in a company for the remote work market, where the  focus lies on helping freelancers and digital nomads. Making it easier for them to concentrate on their work and assignments the service delivers a recruitment and invoicing system to enhance the possibilities both for the freelancers and their clients. 

Since 2018 Petter is managing a property investing consultancy for the Mediterranean property market and Cyprus specifically. He is continuously building a team of sales and marketing people all over the world. 

After reading Rich dad poor dad many years ago, Petter changed the way he looked at money and investments. Ever since then he has carried an interest in investments and especially property investments, and this year he finally took action and started his education to become a property investor. Part of that journey is being the club manager for Cashflow Örebro, playing the game is not only fun but it’s also very educational and inspiring for everyone who is thinking about investing. Come join us and start your journey towards financial independence!