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The Momentum Cashflow Club is your investment club

Play yourself to success

Ever since we were children, we have learned to spend. The availability of quick loans that costs a lot outweigh the benefits with the fact that many of us have not learned how to make a balance sheet economy, there are many who get into trouble. Playing Cashflow means that you learn to understand the concept of money and how the market works, something that can be applied in real life.

By playing Cashflow you will start understanding the concept of money and what loans actually cost you monthly but also what the total cost will be.

Through the Cashflow game you can safely learn how to structure your finances, just like a company, you learn how to count investments, and you learn about different types of investments and you will be able to become a millionaire in the game. The game reflects reality through various investment opportunities, unexpected costs and risks and you get insight into how the market works. The key to success is to think about, minimize your risks by analyzing different opportunities, what can be a good investment versus a worse investment. What are good loans and what are less good loans. When is it worth borrowing and when is it time to sell? You can try different investment opportunities completely risk-free as you only play with play money.

Momentum Property Education, in collaboration with the RichDad organization, the creators of the game, is now starting several Cashflow clubs all over and new clubs are being added all the time, as the interest in the game is incredibly great.

“We believe that the best way to learn is not by reading books or listening to lectures, we believe that the best way is by doing it in reality.”

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, founders of the RichDad organisation.

By playing with others, your various investment strategies are developed with the help of your teammates. To invest without risking any real money, understand the difference between how the rich and the middle class create money. Discover that it is not about how much money you make but how much you save that makes you rich. The game reflects how you act in real life and gives you some insight about yourself and many good lessons. It also opens up discussions about money and investments that most people do not talk about – and all this while having fun!

At Momentum Property Educations, we train people in real estate investments. We want to give more people the opportunity to learn the concept of money and how to build a real estate portfolio – thus Momentum Cashflows Clubs was a matter of course. 

“We see Cashflow 101 as a fantastic fun and educational way for people to gain control of their finances and learn about how to create financial freedom”,

Daniel Wood, co-founder of Momentum Property Education

What do you want to do with your life?

A highly relevant question for those who see that they are not where they want to be in life. Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, the founders of the game, believe that the purpose of a business is to solve problems. It was realized that there is very little or no financial education taught in school systems today, a problem that pervades virtually all school systems throughout the world. They had a game created that gives a good insight into what a balance sheet economy can look like and how you can build your own Cash Flow. Thus was the Cashflow game a fact.

We started the Momentum Cashflow Club in October 2021 and the participants are lyrical about what lessons they bring with them. The bonus is of course all new acquaintances you make with like-minded people,

Jeanette Mill, Project Manager for Momentum Cashflow Clubs

So, by playing the board game Cashflow, you learn to understand the concept of Money and Investments, while developing together with others. Investments are something many people talk about but far too few understand and succeed with, in a healthy and rewarding way.


Ozana Jaurelius

“…My goal and dream in life is to create a business empire so I started with this game. Caution, it really brainwashes you into seeing opportunities everywhere…I am out of the Rat Race..”

Sebastien Lanfranchi

“… I really love what I have been developing tonight and I am going to play again..”

Triloki Modi

“…It gives you a perfect opportunity in real time with real people to try out different things..”

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