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Stockholm, Sweden

Local Manager:
Danne Hamlin

Dan Hamlin, born and raised as a working-class man as most people are, due to coincidence as a 17-year-old young man, he started his profession outside of the 9-5. 

He stumbled into the world of music and entertainment and became a freelancing PRO – DJ. Still, in 2022, he is connected and active in that world, yet not as a full-timer. 

As a former CEO in different companies such as computer service/support, restaurants, booking agency, entertainment, and NetWork Marketing, he learned the benefits from them and what it means to have his own company. 

One of the things he learned: 

To be “working for the ‘man”, really means, the first row of your expenses are taxes, which as a company-owner are just another opportunity. This is one of the first things you learn when playing The Game of Cash Flow. 

He came in contact with The RichDad organization in 2001 and became a CC Manager in Mid-Sweden. At the time, Sweden had 2 People Licensed to Teach the game, by the authority of Robert himself. Dan had the opportunity to learn from one of them. 

He loves playing the game and his advice is – Bring a friend.