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Gothenburg / Kungsbacka / Onsala, Sweden

Local Manager:
Jeanette Mill

Jeanette has a diverse background, from civil aviation, kitchen designer, sports club manager, consultant, to mention some. And for many years she has been part of the organisation for mainly sports events, such as World Championships, European Championships but also other types of international events. She also started up a global network for better AI (artificial intelligence).

She has for many years now wanted to invest in real estates but she couldn’t find a “good time” to do so, so when the opportunity finally practically faced her, she took it. So today she works as Sales Manager at Momentum Property Education and is on her own journey in property investments. Jeanette is very curious about other people and loves networking. She is good at challenging people in becoming better and she loves to be challenged by others. She often says – Sharing is caring! She believes that this is the best way to grow as a person and in knowledge. Therefore she finds Momentum Cashflow Club as an amazing place to do so. She runs the local clubs in Göteborg and Kungsbacka/Onsala and they meet up frequently, once or twice a month in each local club