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Oslo, Norway

Local Manager:
Sindre Østfoss

An open-minded people-person who made the unorthodox choice of moving to Gothenburg. Sweden from Oslo, Norway. Moved to Sweden as an entrepreneur at almost the same time as this pandemic arrived which derailed the plans. Has several years of experience within sales, marketing and support while also visiting other industries as storage and delivery driver.

My interest in economy, personal development and entrepreneurship started around Christmas time 2016 and this is still a big interest of mine and something I am continually wanting for and educating myself within. This is also when I first heard of Robert Kiyosaki and the cashflow quadrant which has changed my view on investing, savings and income vs expenses.

Outside of this I am a real football nerd which spends a lot of time watching, reading and sometimes playing myself. Even in the football world I am unusually interested in the business and economic aspects of the game. But I am not that of a nerd that I don’t do other things though which can include meeting new people, attending different events and even taking dance classes.

As I found it really fun and educational at the same time to play the cashflow game I read through some of the papers in the game which made me aware of cashflow clubs around the world where I did a search on Facebook, and luckily found a event in Gothenburg which I attended once and thought it was really fun with playing the game at the same time as meeting new people with similar interests. I found this a good way to have fun, network and learn, and wanted to start a cashflow club in Oslo, Norway to give me an extra reason to travel and hold events for everyone who might be interested in this area.