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Start your local club

Running your local Momentum Cashflow Club comes with a lot of fun and possibilities. As Manager you need to frequently organise gatherings. e.g once a month. This could be done either at someone’s home or in a public location. 

Once a year we will invite you and all members to an annual Getting Cashflow Summit (November each year) and we will need your help as local manager to help us out at this event. Location may vary from year to year. 

We want all players to find their way to to invest and use their skills in real life. All players are allowed to talk about what they are doing, but no sales pitches are allowed. This means that people who would like to talk more business or collaborations can switch contact info with each other and take a separate meeting. 

Momentum Property Education will visit your local club once per year and we will host a seminar about property investments.

As manager you’ll get:’

  • Board games (one to start with)
  • A Momentum Cashflow Club roll up
  • Access to our channels where you find needed material and information
  • You will also get a FREE ticket to the Getting Cashflow Summit held once per year.
  • Kick back on sales from your club members potential purchases from Momentum Property Education. This, just by doing no sales pitches for Momentum Property Education.

What we require from you:

  • As Manager you host a minimum of 9 events per year to keep your licence – and that should be easy for you. You report each event to the organisation. Momentum Cashflow Club will provide you with the material you’ll need so you will not create any of your own. You will be given access to the channels needed to collect all presentations and other material you will be using. 
  • You report each event to us.
  • We expect you as manager to write a post at least once a week in our facebook group and stay active with comments on others posts.

If or when you decide not to run your club any longer the board game/s and the roll up will be sent back to us.

Being a manager can be very beneficial but most of all it will be a lot of fun.