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Karlstad, Sweden

Local Manager:
Therese Weng

Your club manager in Karlstad is Therese Weng. She has a broad background within the service industry, everything from working as a skin therapist on a luxury cruise ship to working as a unit manager in health and social care in a Swedish council. For Therese, life is like a Swedish smorgasbord, it has a lot to offer and therefore she only does things that are fun and feels right. During the last year, she has worked as a project manager to change the way of working and management philosophy in her workplace. In addition to this she has started a charity organisation as well as started her journey as a property investor, where she currently has a company in England.

Therese loves to play cashflow as it’s a fun and easy-going way to practice new mindsets and habits regarding money. So if you want to laugh, connect with likeminded people and play a game at the same time as you change your thoughts of patterns regarding money? Then you should join her and the Cashflow Club in Karlstad. The more the merrier, so bring a friend!